about-bill“I was born in the Jazz Age and grew up in the Depression, a dichotomy that must have shaped my personality. I grew up chasing fun and money!”

I think I got my adventurous side from my Grandfather McCarron.

We called him “Grump,” even though he was the furthest thing from an old grump.
William “Grump” McCarron was a tremendous influence on me. I was more McCarron (cars and creativity). I was almost a clone of “Grump.” He was an entrepreneur and had been involved for years with cars and trucks.
In 1936, he invented a police car ambulance that was used by the Chicago Police Department; it was a squad car with the back seat and trunk customized to carry injured people similar to a mini ambulance. He actually built a McCarron truck and it sold fairly well.
It was “Grump” who got me interested in cars – all aspects of cars.

He owned two Ford dealerships in Chicago and I spent a great deal of time puttering around the showrooms and service areas, getting grease under my fingernails as well as learning from the salesmen how to jimmy the candy bar machines for goodies.

Fun and money!



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