bill"If you're a fan of the hit TV series MAD MEN, here's a delightful autobiography by a real life advertising executive whose still-active career is now in its seventh decade!"

Starting in the fifties, Bill Maloney became a Chicago Ad Man.

From the boardrooms to the bar rooms and from the dirt tracks to Daytona, Bill has moved between the worlds of advertising and motorsports, creating programs in the studios, racing on the speedways, and combining his two loves by producing television and radio programs about everything automotive.

Jonathan Winters and Pat McCormick were his drinking buddies. George Schlatter ("Laugh-In") and Jackie Cooper were his erstwhile business partners.

The celebrities and the scoundrels, they are all here in Bill's autobiography:

Jay Leno, Al Unser, Rodger Ward, Shirley Muldowney, Art Linkletter, Arte Johnson, George Schlatter, Sonja Henie, George Lucas, Gene Hackman, Mario Andretti, Andy Granatelli, A.J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones, Admiral Dan Gallery, Mitch Miller, Jackie Cooper, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Francis Gary Powers, Paul Williams, Charlie Weaver, Janet Guthrie, Carroll Shelby, Rick Mears and many, many more.

Windy City Adman is Bill's story, an insider's view of advertising and auto racing, from the man who lived it.

In his eighties, Windy City Bill produces a weekly automotive program that airs on NBC Sports Radio in Hawaii.



Windy City Adman

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